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Directions to the Office of Fellowships and Internships at L’Enfant Plaza

The Smithsonian’s Office of Fellowships and Internships is located at L’Enfant Plaza, south of the museums on the National Mall.   We are in Suite 7102 (seventh floor) of 470 L’Enfant Plaza.  470 L’Enfant Plaza is in the same building as the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, which is in the east building of the four buildings that surround the Plaza itself. Please feel free to call us (202)633-7070.


Directions if walking from the Mall:

L’Enfant Promenade runs perpendicular to the Mall, meeting Independence Avenue across from the gate to the garden south of the SI Castle Building.  From Independence Avenue walk up the Promenade about two blocks towards the Spy Museum where to the left the Plaza itself opens up.  Across the Plaza you will find the building with the hotel, “Hilton Washington DC National Mall.” The entrance to 470 L’Enfant Plaza is left of the main hotel entrance. Take the elevator to the seventh floor and we are right there in Suite 7102.


Directions from the Metro:

L’Enfant Plaza Metro station is where the Green and Yellow Lines intersect with the Blue and Orange Lines.  Exit the station in the direction where the signs indicate L’Enfant Plaza itself.  At the top of the escalators out of the station go through the glass doors directly across from the escalators, into the “Promenade” underground shopping area that links the four buildings of L’Enfant Plaza.  Once in the Promenade, you will pass the Potbelly Sandwich Works, the Moe’s Southwest Grill, and the Roti Mediterranean Grill.  Turn right and go down the hall; on the right side you will see a red sign that indicates “Hotel Lobby” and which also leads to the entrance of 470.  Go up the short flight of stairs and down the hall to the elevator lobby, take the elevators to the seventh floor and we are right there, in Suite 7102.


Directions from Capital Gallery:

Capital Gallery, at 600 Maryland Avenue, is where many Smithsonian offices are located, including the office which issues SI identification badges.  If you are coming to OFI from Capital Gallery after getting your ID, walk south on 7th Street (away from the Mall) under the railroad overpass and up to the next corner, which is D Street.  At the corner of 7th and D Streets, turn right and walk down D for about a block.  On the south side of the street you will see a sign for the Metro at the base of a flight of stairs.  Take the stairs either half way up and then go into the Metro entrance and follow the directions above for coming by Metro.  If you take the stairs all the way to the top, the building facing you will be our building.  Walk to the right along the side of the building towards the Plaza and turn left around the corner.  Then follow the directions in the first section above, with directions for walking from the Mall.