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Ryann Price


Summer 2013 Intern, Office of Fellowships and Internships

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Ryann is a Summer 2013 intern whose tenure dates are June 3rd to July 12th.

     Ryann is an Anthropology major and Psychology minor and part of the 2014 class at the University of Rochester in upstate New York.  She chose to attend college far away from her home town of Anaheim Hills, California, because she wanted to experience a completely different area in terms of weather, culture, and activity.  At the University of Rochester, Ryann serves as the Vice President of the Ballroom Dance Club in which students come to learn various dance styles such as the Viennese Waltz, salsa, rumba, and the foxtrot.  She also dances ballet and jazz in an additional club called Ballet Performance Group.  Ryann is a member of the Undergraduate Anthropology Council, a group that takes its love of the field outside of the classroom in order to explore all that anthropology has to offer in the outside world.

     Other than dancing, Ryann enjoys relishing in the four seasons the East Coast has to offer, as well as meeting students like herself from all areas of the nation.  In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, reading, baking, swimming, nail lacquer, and sharing fun facts that she has learned.

      At the end of the summer, Ryann will be traveling to the Mediterranean to attend an anthropology field school in Malta.  Her future plans include pursuing a Master’s degree in Anthropology, as well as a Master’s in Business Administration.  Interning at the Smithsonian was always an idea she had in mind since her freshman year of college.  Ryann became interested in the Smithsonian’s programs through Internet research of the various museums and projects available to college students.  The Office of Fellowships and Internships’ work in creating, managing, and continuing the internship opportunities found at the Smithsonian interested Ryann.  The Smithsonian as a whole is a place where every student can find an 0pportunity to learn and experience things unique to any and all interests.