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Academic Appointment Orientation Videos

Congratulations on your appointment with the Smithsonian! We are excited to welcome you into our diverse community. Please go through the modules below to become acquainted with the institution before starting your appointment.



Welcome to the Smithsonian Institution (SI)! We hope you enjoy and get the most out of your time here. Check out to this quick introduction on what the Smithsonian is all about.


There is an abundance of opportunity and knowledge at the Smithsonian. Here is an overview of some resources which can help you keep track of said information during your academic appointment.


Getting Your Badge

To become an official Smithsonian Academic Appointee, you will need your badge. It is important to wear your badge at all times, for identification and for perks!



There is no shortage of perks at the Smithsonian. Check all of these cool opportunities your SI badge gets you!


Equal Employment

Diversity and inclusion are two important aspects of SI. The Smithsonian prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer. To learn more about equal employment at SI, check out the video below!


SI Directives

In order to continue operating efficiently and with high ethical values, the Smithsonian has several directives outlining important policies. To learn more about SI Directives, watch the video below!


Ending Your Appointment

We are sad to see you go, but when the time comes, follow these instructions to end your academic appointment at the Smithsonian. Thank you for being an integral part of the Smithsonian, and we hope you learned a lot while you were here!