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OFMR Interns Tour Google’s Ideal Work Space

Posted on Aug 4, 2014 by in The OFI Blog |


Thursday July 31, 2014, the Office of Facilities Management and Reliability (OFMR) Interns went on a tour at Google’s Washington Office. John Grillo, the Facility Manager of the Mid-Atlantic region, led the tour. The tour went behind the scenes through the visitor welcome area and employee office space. Both of “which demonstrated Google’s philosophy of the ideal work environment. Employee productivity is a result of happiness and healthiness in the workplace and a never-ending supply of snacks! The food is served on reusable and compostable trays. Workstations are very fluid and are located in a variety of environments, where employees are able to choose a suitable environment. The tour gave great insight into different approaches into workplace happiness and productivity,” said OFMR Intern Ridley Vann.

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