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Interns Meet with Congress!

Posted on Mar 31, 2015 by in The OFI Blog |


This article written by Dovontay, DaQuan, Sergeo, Ava, Jay, Donnell, John, Nathan, and Chanel was recently published in the Smithsonian Project Search Newsletter, we’re happy to share it here…

On February 19, some of the Project SEARCH interns went to Annapolis, Maryl and to visit the Developmental Disability Day at the Legislature. Our class was discussing self-advocacy with our teacher Ashley, so the trip related to our topic. In class we learned that self-advocacy means speaking up for yourself. Ashley also taught us about taking the initiative. This is when you do something first without being asked. Sergeo Neal, Tania Peterman, Dovontay Taylor, Chanel Davis, & Heather Weiss went on the trip to talk to their representatives about funding sources & about metro transportation. They also learned about advocating for their rights. In the picture, you can see Chanel, Dovontay, and Ashley with Congressman Tony Knotts. Also, they got to meet the NIH Project SEARCH interns and the Montgomery County Project SEARCH interns & ate lunch with them. It was fun to meet new people from a different Project SEARCH programs.