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Paleobiology/Education Summer Internship at the National Museum of Natural History

Posted on Apr 24, 2015 by in The OFI Blog |


Description: The National Museum of Natural History has recently opened a new exhibit called:  Last American Dinosaurs.  The exhibit takes visitors back 66 million years to the time in North American just before the extinction of the dinosaurs to explore their lives and ecosystems and the cause of their extinction.  This internship has two major elements:  interacting with the visitors in the exhibit space and designing a fossil-based activity to be facilitated by volunteers in the exhibit.

Learning Objectives: The intern will gain a better understanding of how different visitor groups learn and interact in exhibits, design a fossil-based activity for different learning styles and interests and focus on improving his/her science communication skills for a broad audience.

 Timeframe:  June-August


  • Undergraduate or graduate student in education, biology or geology major
  • Current resume
  • Statement of Interest (two pages maximum) that answers the following questions:
    • Why are you interested in this internship?
    • How will this internship help your academic or career pursuits?
    • What experiences have prepared you for this internship?

Contact:  Please send application (resume and statement of interest) no later than Friday 5/15/15 to Amy Bolton, Manager of Deep Time Education and Outreach.