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Fall Internships at the Smithsonian!!

Posted on Jul 8, 2015 by in The OFI Blog |

Are you looking for an internship this fall?

The Smithsonian offers internship programs in a wide variety of fields, and many of them are looking for great fall interns!  The world’s largest museum contains departments of business and public administration, history, art, science, culture, education and more!  If you are eager to apply for an internship at the Smithsonian, we encourage you to review our website here and find a position that fits your interests.


Beside applying for specific programs, consider the pool.  Keep in mind that applying through the general pool may reveal positions that you never thought existed!  This notifies the Smithsonian of your interests and helps them place you in a program or unit that is searching for interns.  For more information about the General Internship Pool, please visit here!


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