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Museum Mindfulness, Exhibit Kindness

Posted on Sep 16, 2015 by in The OFI Blog |

Museum Mindfulness

Yenny Martin and Sarah Hamad, OFMR interns

We all love the museums, and we have all seen visitors who act in ways they should not. Some visitors eat or drink where those actions are prohibited, others may leave litter or gum outside of a trash receptacle. This behavior is not just irritating, but costly to clean up and potentially damaging to exhibits.

This problem is usually addressed by listing rules for museum-goers to follow. However, many people, especially young children, disengage when they are told rules and consequently do not remember them.

Office of Facilities Management and Reliability (OFMR) summer interns Sarah Hamad and Yenny Martin may have found a way to change all that. They created rhymes, a children’s book, and short animated videos to engage young children and teach them proper museum behavior.

You can read more about the Museum Mindfulness Project here.