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Flooded by Interns, Fellows and Research Associates

Posted on Dec 2, 2015 by in The OFI Blog |


SERC Intern Julianne Rolf stands in the streambed of Muddy Creek.

Muddy Creek flows through the back woods of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC). Its steep banks drop 10 feet to the streambed below, the product of decades of erosion. This spells trouble whenever storms break. A shallower, healthier stream would flood over its banks, letting water soak into the adjacent floodplain. But because of Muddy Creek’s depth, it’s completely cut off from its floodplain. Instead, water tears through the stream during storms, carrying excess nutrients, sediments and other pollutants. Right now, much of this stream’s water goes straight to the Bay. But Muddy Creek is on the verge of a relatively new kind of restoration, which will raise the streambed, restore its floodplain and—hopefully—slow it down.

SERC recently posted an article on their blog SHORELINES featuring Interns Julianne Rolf and Jan Kreibich, Postdoc Fellow Joshua Thompson, and Research Associate Chris Patrick who are helping with restoration and research of Muddy Creek.

To read the full article click here.