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(Ful)Bright Opportunities: Research in Ireland, Israel, Taiwan

Posted on Mar 30, 2016 by in The OFI Blog |


The U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program is pleased to announce a call for applications for the following awards:

Visual Arts Award in Ireland

dearDIRTYdublinApplicants with a background in curatorial studies, data management, cataloging, and digitalizing information related to artworks are sought by the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in Dublin to conduct research on the Irish contemporary art. Scholars who wish to apply to this award should have three to five years professional experience in a contemporary art museum. For more information please click here.


Postdoctoral Fellowships in Israel

66e6699dc3f17c2c10a5f0d72cf1bf4f7816a732This award seeks research scholars for a period of 20 months to conduct postdoctoral research in all areas of the sciences, arts, humanities or social sciences. The grant activities may be carried out at any accredited institution of higher education. Candidates may have received their doctorates no earlier than April 2014. For more information please click here.


Postdoctoral Research in Taiwan

p 219Scholars in the fields of art, art history, dance, film studies, music, theater, as well as others in the sciences and social sciences are sought for five to ten months collaboration with any higher education institution. Activities may include presenting lectures, seminars and workshops as arranged by the host institution. Applicants should be no more than three years beyond the completion of their doctorate at the time of application. For details please click here.