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Living The Dream

Posted on Jul 21, 2016 by in The OFI Blog |

Indiana University (IU) graduate student Katie Martin is pursuing her masters in library sciences in hopes of becoming an archivist after graduation.  To accomplish this, Katie decided to first apply for a Smithsonian internship, and she is now an art deco research intern at the  National Museum of American History Library (NMAH).

Katie recently published an article through her school’s blog page, “Student Experience,” which goes into detail about her internship experience at NMAH.  “I never realized the breadth of the art deco movement until I started working with the trade literature. . .it’s been a wonderful experience so far, and there’s always so much to do,” said Katie.

To learn more about Katie’s work at the Smithsonian and her internship experience, check out her full article here!

Smithsonian Intern Katie

NMAH Intern Katie Martin