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Marine Mammal Literature Internship

Posted on Nov 30, 2016 by in The OFI Blog |



Want to learn more about marine mammals? If so, the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) is looking for a Marine Mammal Literature intern! The Kellogg Library is a special research collection within NMNH formed around the books and papers which A. Remington Kellogg used.  A few years ago the Marine Mammal Commission had to convert its reprint library into online format. The Commission gave us 81 running feet of reprints (27 file drawers), which we now have to merge with the existing reprints of the Kellogg Library.

How it Works:

During this internship, interns will have the opportunity to learn about research work that has been accomplished on marine mammals. Interns will be responsible for alphabetically organizing the reprints and then comparing them to the library’s reprint list in order to decide which ones to keep.


Applicants should have an interest in biology and, specifically, marine mammals. Applicants should also be available between Monday 1/9/2017 and Friday 6/2/2017.

How to Apply:

To apply please send all cover letters and resumes in a single PDF document, no later than Thursday 12/22/2016 to:

James G. Mead, Curator Emeritus of Marine Mammals