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Interning for the National Museum of American History and Beyond

Posted on Jan 9, 2017 by in The OFI Blog |

The application deadline for the National Museum of American History (NMAH) Summer Internship Program is quickly approaching! Applications are being accepted between now and Wednesday 3/1/17.

The National Museum of American History offers individuals from a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to work alongside experts in a variety of fields. The most valuable aspect of these internships is that they are great learning experiences and can lead to greater opportunities! Past interns have also found that their experience at NMAH has influenced them as students, scholars, and professionals. Read below to find out how past interns have utilized their experience at the National Museum of American History to further their professional and academic careers!

“I can never speak highly enough of the internship programs at NMAH and encourage any and every one to take a leap of faith and apply!” – Amber M.

Meet Amber M.! She worked in the Office of Programs and Strategic Initiatives at the NMAH during the summer of 2013. During her internship, Amber worked on the 2014 National Youth Summit on Freedom Summer 1964. Amber recounts: “my time as a Minority Fellow at the National Museum of American History was indispensable to my development as a history professional.” Amber states “[I was able] to develop my skills as a project manager, events coordinator, and logistics maven–talents that I use every day, even more than my history degrees.” Her internship experience not only taught Amber how to apply her own knowledge to work projects, through her experience with NMAH she was able to learn practical skills that are applicable to her career.

Meet Ariel G.! Ariel interned for NMAH in the Spring of 2014. As an intern for the Office of Programs and Strategic Initiatives at NMAH, she served as a project manager and oversaw the National Youth Summit 2014 Final Report, worked on proposals and ideas for History Film Forum, and took on many other projects. Ariel’s internship taught her “about the extensive behind-the-scenes work that goes into developing and implementing successful programs and events for visitors.” Ariel also reports that upon completing her internship: “my work is more organized, detailed, and thoughtful. I am able to manage the multiple tasks that make a program possible, from budgeting and purchasing supplies to researching and advertising.”

“My internship at NMAH was my first museum internship.” – Diana G.

Meet Diana G.! During the summer of 2002, Diana interned for the NMAH’s Office of Cultural Affairs/Ceramics and Glass. Diana recounts: “I learned collections management skills, how to use archives for historical research, and about the museum setting.” Diana’s experience was also “crucial in [her] applications for graduate school” and helped her attain different internships and jobs. Diana is now “thrilled to be back [at NMAH] as a conservator of the collection and contributing to the mission of the museum.”

Meet Andres S.! In the Summer of 2016, Andres interned for the Enrichment Events Coordinator at the NMAH! During his internship experience in DC, Andres loved exploring the city. He is now applying to law schools and is determined to do so in DC! Andres found value in the networking opportunities through his internship with NMAH!

“I was welcomed with open arms at NMAH; I will always be grateful for the opportunities of growth, personal and professional relationships I developed at NMAH” – Angelica O.

Meet Angelica O.! In the winter of 2014, she interned at NMAH. Angelica states that, “my internship experience at the National Museum of American History expanded my creativity and worldview.” Throughout her time here, she worked as a research assistant in the Division of Home and Community Life and through this division, worked on the Many Voices, One Nation exhibit. Angelica reflects that her mentor “provided [her] with valuable projects to explore and gave [Angelica] flexibility to explore topics” that were of interest to her.

“Because of the many diverse opportunities at NMAH, I was exposed to the idea of being open to trying new things” – Michael W.

Meet Michael W.! During the Fall of 2013 and the Spring of 2015 Michael interned at the Smithsonian and in NMAH’s Curatorial Affairs/Culture & Arts division. Michael states: “my internship experience taught me the importance of networking and using every situation as a learning tool going forward.” Since interning at NMAH, Michael has been determined to make every experience a learning opportunity both in his professional and personal lives.

Take a look at what other interns have to say about their summer experience at the National Museum of American History below!

If you are interested in having an experience similar to any of our featured past interns above, enter an application for the Internship Program at the National Museum of American History!

Individuals can apply can apply to a wide variety of positions. Find out more about the National Museum of American History’s internships here.