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Open House, Open Book

Posted on Jun 8, 2017 by in The OFI Blog |

Smithsonian interns learning about the scope of services offered by the Smithsonian Libraries.

The Smithsonian Institution Libraries (SIL) are an expansive network of knowledge consisting of 21 specialized research libraries that aim to inculcate within America a deeper sense of understanding concerning humanity’s scientific and cultural pursuits.

SIL recently hosted an open house event on Wednesday, 6/7/17. The event, which afforded Smithsonian interns the opportunity to learn more about the variety of library services offered by the Smithsonian Institution, also aimed to provide interns with the skills and tools necessary to complete the wide range of research tasks they will come across during their tenure at the Smithsonian.

During the event, interns were able to attend brief lectures which taught them how to navigate the Smithsonian libraries’ online database, and how to employ Zotero, a free, easy-to-use program designed to help in the management and citation of research sources. Interns also had the chance to tour a certain branch of the library, make their own accordion book, and examine some of the Smithsonian’s rare books.

This book, pulled from the Cullman Collection and published in Germany in 1587, examines flora, fauna, and the relationship between the two. Boasting colorful images, this particular book would have been considered the ‘deluxe’ edition.