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Intern and Fellow, Where ART thou?

Posted on Jul 17, 2017 by in The OFI Blog |

Interns and fellows attending the Morning at the National Gallery of Art pose for a photo in the East Building

When life moves too fast and whirlwinds of stress swirl in the mind, one can find solace in the numerous exhibits at the National Gallery of Art. Here, one can take his or her own time perusing and quietly contemplate more than 31,000 drawings; 4,000 European and American paintings; and a myriad of other artistic expressions in the nation’s first American Art collection. A segment of the gallery, the East Building, offers a collection of art that takes a more contemporary outlook on things. Since its re-opening in 2016, many people have flocked to this building to wander through its modern exhibits, including our own Smithsonian interns and fellows.

Though the National Gallery of Art is not part of the Smithsonian, the museum extended an exclusive invitation to Smithsonian interns and fellows for an artistic immersion. This past Thursday, 7/13/17, interns and fellows browsed through some of the galleries that the East Building has to offer, such as the American Art Gallery and the French Gallery. During this particular Morning at the Museum event, attendees were able to freely explore the ground, Mezzanine, and basement floors before the museum opened the galleries to the public. After the event ended, some interns and fellows decided to wander through more of the East Building and even explore the West Building. Click here to see snapshots from the event!