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Forget the Front Door; Sneak a Peak Through the Side!

Posted on Aug 7, 2017 by in The OFI Blog |

In this age of rapid technological turn-around, the general aims of media remain the same, regardless of the format: to inform and entertain. The Smithsonian Insitution’s (SI) very own podcast, Sidedoor, has succeeded in finding the sweet spot for entertaining its diverse audience while providing listeners with a different perspective on the world, with content accessible from virtually anywhere!

Tony Cohn introducing the podcast to intern attendees.

On Thursday 8/3/2017 SI interns were fortunate to enter through the side door of Sidedoor and get a behind-the-scenes look at how the podcast came to be and where it aims to go, with host Tony Cohn. The first of its kind at SI, this podcast explores a whole gamut of  topics like American brewing history, the hidden powers of harvested algae, and the history of sending children through the postal service! At this talk, Tony shared how the idea of an SI podcast dawned on him and the keys to developing a successful podcast for interns interested in starting their own series.

Enter through the Sidedoor here to learn more and subscribe to the series.