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Seeing ‘Visionary’

Posted on Nov 13, 2017 by in The OFI Blog |


Saturday 11/4/17 ‘Visionary’ opened its doors at the National Museum of African Art (NMAA). ‘Visionary’ is a new permanent collection housing over 300 pieces that are organized in different rooms each exploring a different perspective on art. Two artists from the collection, Ghada Amer and Mary Sibande, are recipients of the Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship (SARF), a program that gives the receiving artist a chance to come to the museum to participate in research that enhances their own work. Amer is an artist from Egypt whose work comments on cultural identity. Sibande is an artist based in South Africa who center her art around stereotypes about and depictions of women. In addition, two former Smithsonian Artist Research Fellows were given the opportunity to contribute to the ‘Visionary’ exhibit.

The National Museum of African Art houses collections that explore African art over time. It is the only museum that houses this kind of collection. Curator Karen Milbourne says, “we are an international platform speaking to the complexity and creativity of Africa’s art.”

You can read more about ‘Visionary’ here.