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You better BEE-lieve it!

Posted on Jan 24, 2018 by in The OFI Blog |

2018 Spelling Bee winner was intern Stefanie Sacripante, pictured here with Dr. Robin Davisson

“Spell demarche.” With one last word separating Archives of American Art (AAA) intern Stefanie Sacripante and victory, she boldly stepped up to the microphone. Using her working knowledge of the Italian and French languages, Stefanie was able to beat out all other Smithsonian staff…including PhD recipients.

This blogger had the joy of interviewing the 2018 winner of the Smithsonian Spelling Bee, Stefanie Sacripante. She lightly joked that signing up for the Smithsonian Spelling Bee was a way to redeem her loss in a 6th grade spelling bee. More seriously, however, she claims that helping her sons study for their spelling bee enabled her to easily get into the competitive mindset. Good spellers must run in the family! When asked how she feels to have won she responded, “I think it’s hilarious to have beaten all these overly-educated people!” In the future, Stefanie hopes to continue working in the museum field, conducting curatorial and exhibition cultivation.

Congratulations Stefanie on your victory!