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Maps and Mentors

Posted on Mar 8, 2018 by in The OFI Blog |

Volunteers Jim Harle (left) and Bob Demoyer (right)

In FY 17, over 700 Smithsonian staff and affiliated staff members mentored interns. Much like adventurers leading an expedition, mentors guide interns’ learning. Since the earliest days, the Smithsonian Institution has sent researchers on many expeditions. These researchers usually relied on a variety of maps to plan and guide their adventures. Ongoing efforts have been made to accumulate a vast collection of maps.

National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) volunteers Jim Harle and Bob Demoyer have cataloged over 33,000 maps covering over 20,000 subjects. While participating in this project, Jim and Bob have also mentored over 108 Interns! They have taught Interns about cataloging, archiving and cartography.  Jim and Bob have enjoyed being mentors to all of the interns. They enjoy meeting Interns and learning about their backgrounds. They also enjoy hearing what previous Interns are doing now. For example, they have kept in touch with a former Intern from France who now works as an archivist. The former Intern still assists Jim and Bob with translating maps and they provide her with maps to help with her research.

To learn more about Jim and Bob’s work, please check out their catalog here