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On the hunt…for awesome interns!

Posted on Jun 7, 2018 by in The OFI Blog |

2018 CIBA Interns take a selfie after solving their first clue!

“Unlike other things in this museum, we’re watching this live. Take a picture mimicking my movements! What am I?” A live feed of the National Zoo’s pandas of course! This year’s 2018 Conservation Internship for Broadening Access (CIBA) interns were given clues like this for an orientation-day scavenger hunt. What a great way to spend their first day at the Smithsonian!

Power-pose in front of The Castle to start the scavenger hunt!

Sending LOVE from The Castle!

The CIBA program diversifies the field of museum conservation in their efforts to engage early professionals from diverse experiences, backgrounds, and communities. CIBA interns not only develop professional and research skills, but they also come away from their internship with a deeper understanding of museum conservation. The CIBA internship thrives from learning experiences in multi-disciplinary fields, including literally getting out “in the field” on their first day scavenger hunt exploring the Smithsonian!

The scavenger hunt started at the Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle). Once inside, the CIBA interns worked together to solve their clues. Part of their mission included taking awesome selfies once they found the objects they were looking for. Take a look at all these cool pictures they took on their adventure!

The scavenger hunt clues led to a variety of objects; from a bird-eating spider (yikes!), to a pair of Olympic ice skates! The 2018 CIBA interns embraced their inner child-like spirits, bonded over goofy selfies, and made an awesome clue-solving team. Awesome job, guys!

Thumbs up for a great first day at the Smithsonian!

Want to take on the scavenger hunt challenge yourself? Follow this guide: OFI Castle Scavenger Hunt, and post your pictures with the hashtag #OFICastle. Good luck, but watch out for that bird-eating spider!