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NMNH Morning in the Museum

Posted on Jun 12, 2018 by in The OFI Blog |

Smithsonian internships come with many benefits, including Morning in the Museum events! These events allow interns to explore museums or specific exhibits before the buildings open to the public. On Wednesday June 6, the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) opened its doors at 8am for their intern Morning in the Museum event.

This event allowed interns two hours to venture throughout the NMNH without the daily crowds that begin at 10am. It also gave interns the chance to meet others from many different Smithsonian units and become acquainted with one another. It was a great opportunity to find a new museum- or metro-buddy!

One of the coolest parts of the event was that it was planned and executed by a group of NMNH interns in the Academic Resources Center (ARC). This allowed all interns to get the best experience as the ARC interns knew what exhibits to highlight, created a fun scavenger hunt, and worked with security and staff to make it as seamless an event as possible.

Towards the end of the event, the interns rallied together for a great group photo! Check out our summer Smithsonian interns below!

Morning in the Museum group photo featuring interns from across the Smithsonian museums, and Eric Woodard, Director of Office of Fellowships and Internships, in the Kenneth E. Behring Family Hall Rotunda, at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, on June 6, 2018. Photo credit: James Di Loreto and Kate D. Sherwood, Smithsonian