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Conservation by Smithsonian fellows

Posted on Jun 21, 2018 by in The OFI Blog |

Participants of the 11th Annual Smithsonian Conservation Conference stand with Chief Operating Office (CCO) and Under Secretary for Finance and Administration Albert Horvath.

On Thursday 6/14/18 fellows from around the Smithsonian offered talks about their research and findings related to material conservation.

Fellows and their research topics are listed below:

Alba Alvarez Martin– Optimization of the off-gassing analysis of complex museum objects. Case study: The Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz

Irene Finkelde– Fluid Preservation Chemistry: an investigation into methods of testing fluids

used to preserve natural history specimens

Miriam Hiebert– Evaluating the Effect of Surface Preparation Techniques on the Defect Density

in ALD TiO2 Films on Glass

Arianna Carini– Cadmium Plating in Scientific and Technological Collections

Christine Romano– Study and Treatment of Modern Oil Paintings from the NMAAHC Collection

Janelle Batkin-Hall-Dyeing to Know: Red Dye Characterization of a Kissi Figure Textile

Nora Frankel– Untangling Indian Hemp: Understanding and Identifying Common Plant Fibers Used by Native Americans in the Woodlands Region

Leah Bright– The Early Stages of a Technical Study on Two Nahua Historical Records at NMAI

Kendra Chritz– Using the Smithsonian-Roosevelt African mammal collections for ecological reconstruction and conservation

Thank you to all who participated in this conservation conference.