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Smithsonian Goes International

Posted on May 15, 2019 by in The OFI Blog |

London young professionals at the National Mall

On Monday 5/13/19, a group of 4 early professionals from East London supported by the London Legacy Development Corporation arrived for a three week Smithsonian Institution Open Doors seminar. The Open Doors Seminar Program is designed to give students an opportunity to explore the professional opportunities available at the Smithsonian Institution. Students participate in in-depth tours of each of the Smithsonian branches and attend lectures and discussions from Smithsonian staff members about what a career at the Smithsonian looks like. These experiences are supplemented by a professor-led academic component. Through the 3 weeks Open Doors Seminar, students are expected to gain a better understanding of the diverse career opportunities available within the Smithsonian system.

This new partnership with the London Legacy Development Corporation is part of the Smithsonian’s initiative to open a new exhibition space in London.