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Connecting Roots to Leaves

Posted on Aug 18, 2020 by in The OFI Blog |

The teamwork at the Big Woods Plot, Michigan. From left to right Xiaomao Wang (Master student at the SEAS, UM), Natalia Umana, Jenny Zambrano and Vincent Battista (PhD student in the department of Anthropology UM).

Through the ForestGEO Research Grant, María Natalia Umaña and Jenny Zambrano have been studying how tree species respond to a soil fertility gradient by looking at leaf and root traits at the 20-ha Big Woods forest dynamics plot, Michigan

Click here to read how their research might allow us to better understand future forest changes and mitigate the negative consequences of climate change.


María Natalia Umaña and Jenny Zambrano are the recipients of a ForestGEO Research Grant that funded their project entitled: Are leaves and root traits functionally coordinated to maximize resource acquisition along a soil fertility gradient? This project is currently being developed in one of the permanent plots of the ForestGEO network in Michigan.