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Botany Digitization Internship

LOCATION: National Museum of Natural History (10th & Constitution Ave. NW)


DESCRIPTION: The Department of Botany is in the middle of an exciting new phase of digitization. We have completed our third year of using a rapid capture workflow via a digitization conveyor belt and are on our way to creating almost 3 million new records for our database EMu. We would like to invite an intern(s) to join our department during this time in order to experience all of the different methods we currently employ to digitize our collection of over 5 million specimens.

Our internship aims to expose students/recent grads who are interesting in a museum career to our digitization techniques and help them to understand the challenges and benefits of three different approaches towards digitization: in-house, crowd-sourced and by conveyor.

QUALIFICATIONS: College or graduate student. Background in the biological sciences and familiarity with natural history collections are preferred. Knowledge of botany, taxonomy, geography and how to use databases and spreadsheets are also desirable. Good organizational skills, attention to detail and ease with computers are required.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The intern will learn all of the procedures, workflows, and challenges of digitizing collection items that the Department of Botany utilizes to keep up with the  large flow of specimens in the US Herbarium. The intern will learn how to inventory and image botanical specimens. Learning to work with a large team of digitizers and botanists will be an important component to this internship. The intern will learn about botanical taxonomy, geography and collection histories that date back to the 1840s.

TIMETABLE: Internship is offered for Spring, Summer, and Fall.
A minimum three-month commitment is required. Hours are flexible, at least 24-40 hours/week.

AWARD PACKAGE: $100 per week to help offset commuter costs

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants should submit a letter of interest describing how they see the internship fitting into their professional development, a CV or resume, and dates of availability to the project contact.



Sylvia Orli