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Entomology Species Inventory

DESCRIPTION: Smithsonian’s Department of Entomology is engaged in inventorying all species in the collection; we estimate that we have 400,000-450,000 species. This inventory will help us to better manage the collections and account for our holdings. This inventory will be performed in three passes: pre-capture preparation of the collection, standardization of records, and digital imaging of representative specimens. Interns will focus on the first phase; checking and updating scientific names against current classification, labeling storage units with current names and capture of the basic taxonomic information into a template: Family, genus and species names; Author and Year of publication.

QUALIFICATIONS: Familiar with basic nomenclature and insect taxonomy in order to use taxonomic catalogs and checklists, both printed and electronic; handling of delicate specimens; basic knowledge of data entry in excel.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  The intern will learn insect nomenclature and gain a better understanding of insect classifications as well as see many interesting insect taxa from worldwide locations.

TIMETABLE: Indefinite


Project Contact Name: Patricia Gentili-Poole

Phone: 202-633-1046