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Insect Specimen Curation

DESCRIPTION: Interns will assist in the curation and collections management of a broad spectrum of insect specimens from locations worldwide. Interns will receive training in sorting raw samples, identification of insects to at least family level, specimen preparation and labeling, databasing information, and/or capturing data from the specimens in the collection. Specimens prepared through this internship will be included as a part of the permanent holdings at the NMNH and be directly incorporated into the ongoing research stream of scientists at NMNH.

QUALIFICATIONS: Some previous work experience with insect specimens is preferred but not required. Interest in photography and digital imaging software is a plus. Attention to detail and manual dexterity to handle small tools (i.e., probes, forceps) for manipulating small or fragile specimens are required.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Interns will learn insect collections management techniques.

TIMETABLE: Indefinite


Project Contact Name: Cecilia Escobar

Phone: 202-633-0998

E-mail: EscobarC@SI.EDU