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Awarding a Stipend: Process and Details


For every academic appointment, even extensions, the same process is required which takes approximately six weeks.

The process is as follows:

Unit submits an appointment  electronically with stipend information through SOLAA (applicant enters info) or SOFIAA (unit enters info)

  • All paperwork must be received from the unit before the six week processing time takes effect.

OFI reviews and approves/ denies the award

  • If approved, OFI prepares and forwards an award package to the recipient.

Award recipient reviews package and returns required paperwork to OFI

  • Award recipient is normally given two weeks to return all of the required paperwork – any delay on their end extends the process from the normal six weeks.
  • Please note that non-US residents must first check-in, which can be done electronically, before we can complete this paperwork so awaiting the check-in may extend the process.

OFI completes appropriate vendor enrollment and tax forms for submission to OC-Vendor Maintenance (OC-VM)

  • For proper tax reporting, OFI must work with OC-VM to update the appointment dates, award amount, and vendor record type of each academic appointment (even extensions).
  • When OFI submits paperwork to OC-VM with late dates, OFI is reported to the Castle as being delinquent with paperwork submission.  As the delinquency is on the unit – not OFI – the unit must either provide the date waiver (which is submitted to OC-VM with the vendor paperwork) or provide a date at least six weeks out (required processing time).

OFI creates and budget checks a purchase order

  • Using the chartfield provided on the AAF – please provide correct and complete chartfields in order to prevent delays. If the appointment will be split funded, please be specific about the distribution amount.
  • If using a grant, units are responsible for knowing when their grant expires. Please do not use a grant if it expires before the appointment ends as stipend payments should not be released in advance.
  • Awards over $50,000 are currently over OFI’s delegation and must be sent to OCon for budget check.

OFI creates a payment schedule

  • Submitted to OC-Accounts Payable (OC-AP) for processing.
  • OC-AP and OFI have agreed upon two stipend payment dates per month: 10th and 25th.
  • It takes approximately 3-4 business days after payment is released for stipend recipients to see the money in their bank account.
  • Recipients who have waived EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) will be contacted via email when their check is ready to be picked up from OFI.
  • ALL payments must be issued during the appropriate award period and tax year so retroactive stipend payments cannot be processed.

Please do not contact any other office involved in this process (e.g. OC-AP) for information concerning a stipend appointment. They will simply direct you to OFI for guidance.

If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please contact OFI at or (202) 633-7070.