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Health and Safety Internship

Not accepting applications at this time.  Check back later.

LOCATION: National Museum of Natural History (10th & Constitution Ave. NW) & MSC, Suitland- MD

DEPARTMENT: Health and Safety Office

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This position will entail day-to-day support for the NMNH Office of Health and Safety.  The intern will have the opportunity to support a range of projects based upon their background, interests, and departmental needs.

QUALIFICATIONS: The Office of Health and Safety interfaces with a variety of museum departments, volunteers, and visitors.  Background and experience in management, customer service, public relations/affairs, museum studies, and/or education are desired.  We are flexible and willing to work with an intern from any background who is seeking experience in the field of health and safety or museums.


  • Learn about the programmatic elements of a safety and health management system including occupational safety and health, industrial hygiene, environmental management, fire protection and life safety, and emergency management.
  • Learn how to develop, improve, and maintain materials in support of the safety and health program.
  • Participate in communications with a wide variety of SI stakeholders in support of the safety and health program.
  • Participate in a range of job-shadowing activities including health and safety walkthroughs and coordination meetings.

TIMETABLE: 4-8 weeks (flexible)


HOW TO APPLY: Contact Amanda Decker (information below)



Amanda Decker