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OFI Internships

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Be part of the office that makes academic opportunities happen! The Office of Fellowships and Internships (OFI). Our office provides central management for all of the Smithsonian’s academic appointments – internships, fellowships, research associate appointments, and more. As the office that’s dedicated to advocating and coordinating Internships at the Smithsonian, we are especially aware of the benefits that mentor-based experiential learning can bring.

Learning Objectives

Interns will learn to do conventional administrative tasks – such as database queries and phone answering – as well as more strategic, creative tasks. OFI offers a huge range of unique, diverse experiences that is sure to expand any intern’s skill set.

Interns at OFI will learn amidst an enthusiastic, close-knit staff. They will tackle projects not only with other interns, but also with these seasoned staff members, who can provide beneficial advice. OFI believes that teamwork is crucial, as is always encouraging collaboration.

Along with group work, interns will learn the importance of independent work as they dive into their own individual projects. Interns will have the opportunity to choose from an abundance of tasks that build both leadership and management skills.

OFI’s internship program focuses on hands-on learning. Past interns have completed projects such as:

  • Planning and executing Smithsonian-wide events for interns and fellows
  • Publishing blog posts that highlight opportunities available to interns and fellows
  • Helping our office provide excellent service through communication with internal and external customers
  • Editing and improving material for the OFI website

We expect a great deal from our interns! Students interning in OFI can expect a varied, challenging, and enriching learning experience.

Interns may be full time or part time.

Areas of Study: Education, Communications, Program Management

Summer 2016 OFI Interns











Anyone who is eligible for an internship at the Smithsonian can apply to intern at the Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Internships. Eligibility for Smithsonian internships is generally defined as someone seeking a guided learning opportunity related to their academic or professional goals. Foreign students are eligible to apply. All Smithsonian interns must be 14 years of age or older.

How to Apply

To apply, create an account on the Smithsonian Online Academic Appointment System (SOLAA). Then start an application for this internship program, which is listed as the Office of Fellowships (OF). Follow the steps listed, and be sure to upload any necessary supporting documents. 

Need help? Contact Us at 202-633-7070.

Program Website:

Application Deadlines:
  • Fall Semester (September – December): July 15
  • Spring Semester (January – May): November 15
  • Summer Semester (May – August): March 15

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Smithsonian OFI Interns Paid?

Interns serving in OFI are not paid.  Applicants may seek financial assistance on their own from outside sources.

Can I receive academic credit for completing an internship?

Awarding academic credit for an internship is at the discretion of your high school, college, or university.  However, we will assist you in providing appropriate information as requested by your school.  Arrangements for accreditation should be made before you begin the internship.

Can I apply if I am a high school student?

Yes. We do accept a limited number for high school students (you must be at least age 14).

How competitive is the application process?

As we receive applications from many qualified applicants, the application process is fairly competitive.  However, our office always has a lot to do, which means we have several intern positions to fill.  While summer is the most competitive session, spring and fall sessions tend to be somewhat less competitive.

Can I serve as an OFI intern part time?

Yes. We can work with you to make sure your internship schedule supplements your busy school schedule – not stand in the way of it.

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