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Office of Protection Services Internship

Project Name: Human Resources Program Analyst

Number of Weeks: 10 Weeks (with the ability to extend to 12 weeks)
Number of Hours: 32 – 40 hours per week
Location: Virtual
Applications Accepted Until Filled

Purpose: The primary purpose of the internship is to provide a practical learning experience in the field Human Resources and Program Analysis.  

Project Description: The intern coordinates and participates in a variety of employment procedures which include interview coordination, and participation on various task forces aimed at improving personnel functions within OPS. Special projects may include conducting surveys, generating reports, and supports OPS teams as needed. 

Student Responsibilities: Students will engage in activities which contribute to the smooth functioning of the specific internship experience. Depending on the internship experience, students will be expected to demonstrate competencies from among the following: oral and written communication, leadership, initiative, and self-monitoring.  Additionally, intern will provide a formal report and presentation to OPS leadership at the end of the 10 week term. 

Supervisory Responsibilities: Supervisor will provide students with assignments and activities which will provide the opportunity for the student to learn about, and participate in a professional capacity in the management of OPS Human Resources and Program Analysis. Supervisor is also responsible for identifying the expectations of the project and the provision of opportunities to participate in development and review, and the provision of resources, time, and support to facilitate the successful completion of the assignments. 

Project Outcomes: 

  1. Daily interations with OPS staff.
  2. Reports on special projects
  3. Presentation to OPS senior staff of final project (including process used, results obtained, benefits to OPS and suggested follow-on work)

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop understanding of human resources and personnel management work processes
  2. Contribute to the analysis and reporting of monthly and weekly metrics
  3. Participate in weekly senior level meetings
  4. Design and conduct salary survey and assessment for security personnel