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Production of Archaeological Field Reports Internship

DESCRIPTION: The Arctic Studies Center (ASC) is looking for interns with a background in archaeology and experience working with desktop publishing and graphic design software. If you have an interest in either the cultural history of Mongolia or historic archaeology in coastal Quebec, and would also like to refine your skills in Adobe programs like PhotoShop, Illustartor and InDesign, we would love to work with you on the production of our annual field reports. We aim to produce technical field reports that both adequately document our archaeological research, and appeal to general readers interested in learning more about the ASCs initiatives in these diverse regions. Completed reports are submitted to provincial authorities and are posted on the ASC website:

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: ASC interns will learn about the process of preparing archaeological and anthropological field work reports. Experiences will include methods and techniques of artifact cataloging, creation of maps and scientific illustrations, layout and production of reports using publication design software, and will learn from exposure to the museum research environment.

QUALIFICATIONS: Some experience working with Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator or InDesign is preferred.



Project Contact Name: Meghan Mulkerin