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Virtual Internship: Scientific Equipment Inventory Database Enhancement


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The primary purposes of the the Pan-Smithsonian Cryo-Initiative (PSCI) Database Development internship is to provide a practical learning experience in designing and using new document management databases. Learning experiences include enhancing database design to query and report equipment inventory data to the team, migrating data from other formats to the chosen database system, and mining the data for categories and themes.

INTERNSHIP DUTIES: Students will learn about database development and assist in designing or enhancing an assets database and develop prototype of new information service to meet PSCI’s information needs. (S)he will assist in enhancing a database with simplified queries, reconciling data in survey tool, migrating records to database, and documenting the data into summaries.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The learning objectives for this internship are to expose interns to a non-profit program environment and provide an opportunity to analyze business processes in information systems to increase organizational knowledge efficiency. The intern will gain hands-on experience in database management for information services.

PROJECT OUTCOMES: Enhancement of Scientific Equipment Inventory Database; summary report of data mining activities.

QUALIFICATIONS: Advanced undergraduates preferred with experience/background in data and/or information management, and Microsoft Access or FileMakerPro. Strong oral and written skills desired.

TIMETABLE: Indefinite, applications accepted on rolling basis. Spring 2014 is preferred.

LOCATION: virtual

Contact: Piper Mullins, Pan-Smithsonian Cryo-Initiative