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SI Mobile Fellow

The Smithsonian Institution’s Mobile Strategy and Initiatives Office seeks a Mobile Fellow to collaborate on research and development of the Smithsonian’s leading edge mobile products and initiatives while conducting independent research under the mentorship of the Smithsonian’s Head of Mobile Strategy and Initiatives. Some of the key topics of interest to SI Mobile currently include crowdsourcing, augmented reality, location-based systems, working with social media APIs, educational gaming, the future of the exhibition website and mobile’s role in it, immersive digital experiences and “cabinets of curiosity.” In addition to these, are always open to new ideas and transformative fields of inquiry!


Experience in mobile is not required, but the Fellow should have one or more innovative mobile applications they wish to pursue, as well as experience in web-based research and communications. Interest in Educational uses of technology is preferred. Good writing and communication skills are essential. Academic background and affiliation are optional; we’re looking for bright, hardworking autodidacts who are looking for experienced input and collegial support for their work. A spirit of generosity and openness in sharing learning and developments with the wider museum and technology community is required.


To apply, please submit a one page project pitch to with the subject line “SI Mobile Fellow application”. Please include your availability (days of the week/hours of the day) and preferred digital platforms for communication and collaboration.