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Smithsonian Virtual Internships

What Is A Smithsonian Virtual Internship?

2013 OFI LogoAll Smithsonian internships are real-world learning opportunities guided by a mentor. In the past, this has meant that would-be interns needed to physically travel to the Smithsonian in order to do an internship…but no longer.

Digital technology permits the Smithsonian to offer a growing number of internships that can be conducted, still with guidance from a Smithsonian mentor, online. You can be a Smithsonian Virtual Intern wherever you are.

Opportunities that are currently available have active links.

Smithsonian Virtual Internship Opportunities


Assistant Secretary for Education and Access (ASEA)

  • MySI Technical Writing Internship
  • MySI Graphic Design Internship
  • MySI Programming Internship
  • MySI Marketing Internship

National Museum of Natural History (NMNH)

  • Encyclopedia of Life Community Management Intern

Office of International Relations (OIR)

Office of Public Affairs (OPA)

  • Speech Writing Internship

Smithsonian Libraries (SIL)

  •  Biodiversity Heritage Library Internship

Smithsonian Enterprises (SE)