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SI Mobile App Ambassador

SI MobileThe Smithsonian Institution’s Mobile Strategy and Initiatives Office offers internship opportunities to graduate students, professionals, and undergraduate students interested in gaining experience in social media and marketing mobile products and experiences to a global public. The Smithsonian currently offers a wide range of mobile apps, websites, audio tours, podcasts and other downloadable products (see for a partial list). We are looking for inspired and innovative individuals to manage the outreach effort for our mobile offerings on social media platforms. The number of mobile products each App Ambassador is responsible for will depend on the Ambassador’s available time and interest. The key is for the App Ambassador to love his or her mobile products, and be able to share that passion with others!

The Opportunity

This role requires coordinating efforts with the marketing and social media managers of the Smithsonian museums and groups who have created the mobile experiences, as well as listening to and corresponding with SI Mobile’s users and potential audiences through social media platforms. App Ambassadors seek out and contact communities that may be interested in hearing about and connecting with the Smithsonian through specific mobile products. For our “mobile 2.0” apps, the App Ambassadors might also curate conversations and crowd sourced content in the apps. They also research similar and related digital products, test new versions of mobile apps and websites, recommend future developments based on their and others’ experiences, and offer constructive criticism on how SI Mobile’s products might integrate into other marketing, outreach, and educational initiatives from the Smithsonian and its partners.

App Ambassadors can expect to gain experience in: developing and executing social media strategy for specific products, the best practices of mobile metrics and product development, market research, writing and communications, and independent project design and delivery. Complete comfort with the use of mobile and social media platforms is essential to this role, including good writing and communication skills; knowledge of social media best practices is preferred. App Ambassadors report to the SI Mobile Project Manager with additional feedback and evaluation of their work from the Head of Mobile Strategy and Initiatives.

How to Apply

Please apply by blogging about the Smithsonian mobile product or experience you most want to represent, and offering strategic ideas on how to spread the word about its uses and benefits to others. The post should include a brief description of how this mobile product fits into the wider market of mobile and other digital offerings of this nature, and suggestions for further developing the mobile product are welcome.

Please email the link to your blog to