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Si Mobile Researcher/Development Tester

The Smithsonian’s Mobile program is looking for one or more virtual interns to help with testing new platforms and technologies as they come out and report on their usefulness for the Smithsonian’s strategic mobile needs. This position requires a good understanding of the Smithsonian’s mobile strategy: and existing products: in order to evaluate new products, platforms, and technology opportunities. These interns would also need to be able to communicate their evaluation in a clear and succinct way, via text, voice, or video and ideally attend some of SI Mobile’s monthly mobile meet-ups via web or in person to stay up-to-date on the mobile needs of the Smithsonian’s museums, libraries, archives and research units:


Work is on a project basis, so interns can work as available on specific testing projects.


To apply, please identify a new mobile software platform, service, or related technology that you think might be of interest to the Smithsonian, and send a short report via text or link to an audio or video file to The report should include:


– What the new platform, service or technology is and does;

– Who created and maintains it, including information on whether this is a commercial or non-profit entity and proprietary or open source platform;

– Ideas of ease and cost to use, including development and maintenance costs and internal staff skills required to use the technology, as well as licensing and related fees;

– What problems it would solve for SI Mobile, how it would enhance existing efforts, and/or offer new directions for better using mobile at the Smithsonian;

– How to follow up with the provider of the new technology.