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tribeSPECIAL PERFORMANCE: Tlingit Dance Group, Rotunda and Q?rius, National Museum of Natural History

December 2, 2015. 1:30 to 2:15 pm.

The National Museum of Natural History welcomes the Yaaw Tei Yi Dance Group, a traditional Tlingit/Haida Tribal group based in Juneau, Alaska. The group will be in Washington, DC for cultural events and to help celebrate the lighting of the Capitol Christmas tree. They will perform traditional songs and dances in clan regalia beginning at the elephant in the Natural History Museum’s Rotunda and moving to the Q?rius Field on the museum’s ground floor. In a museum first, a dancer will perform wearing the replica Killer Whale Crest Hat that the clan gave the museum special permission to produce and display in Q?rius for educational purposes. The hat is normally exhibited in Q?rius when not being danced as regalia by the Tlingit.

The performance will begin in the Rotunda, 1st Floor and shift to Q?rius, Ground Floor.

This performance is hosted by the Repatriation Office and the Office of Education and Outreach.

For more information: Yaaw Tei Yi Dance group