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Walter Rathbone Bacon Fellowship


The Walter Rathbone Bacon Fellowship was funded by an endowment given in 1911 by Virginia Purdy Bacon in memory of her husband.


For the study of the fauna of countries other than the United States of America.


All who are accepted to the Smithsonian Institution Fellowship and have proposals relating to the study of non-US indigenous fauna are eligible.

How it Works

Applicants do not apply directly to the fellowship. All Smithsonian Institution Fellowship applicants are reviewed for the Walter Rathbone Bacon Fellowship funding. The Bacon Fellowship funding may be used in place of, or in addition to the Smithsonian Institution Fellowship funding.

How to Apply

Applicants do not apply directly to the fellowship. Recipients of the funding are chosen from the pool of Smithsonian Institution Fellows. If you believe that your research would be ideal for the award, please highlight how in your application.

Selection Criteria

The research proposal, submitted to the Smithsonian Institution Fellowship, must pertain to the study of fauna not indigenous to United States.


Where can I apply to the Smithsonian Institution Fellowship? To find more information on the Smithsonian Institution Fellowship, please click here.